Aida Bistro offers you a culinary journey, starting from France, the center of world gastronomy, passing through the loud fishermen and harbor bistros on the coast of Portugal, going overseas in the famous Argentinian Barrios where, in every house, we find the famous Asado (barbeque), roasted ribs and chimichurri sauce. It is a journey into the universal Latin space, where the meal is a ritual, a time of rest and peace in the family and among friends. We propose an alternative to the classic menus, through a gourmet boutique experience and an atmosphere to match.

The Bistro explores the history of Bragadiru Palace and the atmosphere of the old Aida Cinema, combining them with the modernity of menus designed with creativity and live cooking shows. The architecture that blends Victorian elements with modern details, specific to the XXIst century, will transpose you into a world of good taste.

During summer, Aida Bistro Terrace, located in the green interior gardens of the Palace, opens its doors to customers who want to enjoy our dishes in a fairytale space, located right in the center of Bucharest, but also away from the city noise.

Regardless of the season, whether you choose the interior saloon (with a capacity of 80 people) or the terrace (with a capacity of 60 people), Aida Bistro invites you to enjoy the special atmosphere and especially the gourmet dishes.